US Restaurant Owners and Many Small Business Owners Benefitting from ERTC

A new tax credit, the Employee Retention Tax Credit, is helping many U.S. restaurant owners recover from the pandemic.

U. S. Restaurants are utilizing the Employee Retention Tax Credit, a little known addition to the CARES Act. This tax credit allows them to get much-needed financial relief by receiving eligible tax refunds.

US Restaurants benefitting from ERTC

ERTC Refund Assistance helps restaurant owners in the United States recover from financial losses sustained during the pandemic by taking advantage a recent amendment made to the CARES Act.

Employee Relief Credit (ERC) was created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, P. L. 116-136, in March 2020. Its purpose is to assist businesses retain employees and prevent layoffs due to the pandemic. Recently, the ERC was amended to increase funding and expand eligibility for U.S. businesses. The ERC also includes non-profits, start-ups, and other businesses.

Prior to the amendment, a business could only receive PPP loans, or the ERTC. The latest changes now allow businesses who have taken out PPP loans to receive tax refunds through the ERTC.

There are also no repayment requirements because these are tax credits that are refundable, and not loans. There are also no restrictions on the use of the money by the business.

Unfortunately, few businesses are aware of the changes made to the CARES Act. They also do not take advantage of the Employee retention credit. ERTC Refund Assistance wants to make sure that as many restaurants as possible are aware of this opportunity due to the financial hardships many businesses experienced during the pandemic.

Complex calculations to determine eligibility can deter businesses from claiming this tax credit. ERTC Refund Assistance is staffed with tax professionals that specialize in filing paperwork for business owners to claim tax refunds. To claim the ERC, businesses must amend their quarterly 941 forms.

Employee Retention Credit provides financial relief to businesses that were adversely affected by the pandemic. According to a spokesperson, restaurant and business owners are encouraged to find out more about the ERTC. The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was created in order to assist business owners recover from the negative economic effects of pandemic.